John Halstead is a policy and charity researcher with expertise across a broad range of fields including climate change, geoengineering, global catastrophic risk, road safety, and immigration. John is part of the research team at Founders Pledge, an NGO providing philanthropic advice to founders of tech companies. His main current project is a report on cost-effective philanthropic opportunities within climate change.

Previously, he has worked in research and management roles in think tanks and NGOs, including the Centre for Effective Altruism and Politeia, as well as at academic institutes such as the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford.

John was lead author of a report on possible diplomatic responses to global catastrophic risk for the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and has authored three other large policy-relevant reports on global catastrophic risk, public health, and road safety. Following from his road safety work, he provided consultation for the Rwandan government on its road safety policy. He is currently researching the governance aspects of geoengineering, and post-Brexit immigration policy.

He’s interested in improving the rationality of policy-making and especially in figuring out how governments can ensure that humanity enjoys the benefits of technological progress in the coming century.

John has published in a number of leading philosophy journals, and presented at academic conferences at universities across the world, including Princeton, Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford. He has a DPhil from Oxford, and his doctoral thesis discussed whether democracy is intrinsically valuable.